Now that the 12 Days of Christmas are over, ‘tis the season for gift cards! With all of the options out there, you must be wondering what to do with your yuletide Visa, Mastercard, or Amex GC. Never fear because, once again, Look Cuter is here! We spent yesterday scouring the Interwebs to find you the best deals and places to spend your holiday fundage. After comprising a huge list of possibilities, our team worked feverishly to narrow it down to the top ten items to buy during Gift Card Season. Happy Shopping!





They say you can’t buy happiness. Are hugs happiness? Of course they are. Turn your gift card into multiple hugs by purchasing this walking billboard to let people know that you are ready and willing to hug it out:

Free Hugs


If you are looking for something that both gives and receives simultaneously, we have found something that we believe is better than a free hug. Now, you are probably asking, “What could POSSIBLY be better than a physical outpouring of love between two people?” Well we will tell you: Never having to see the stilts-for-legs your workout partner is sporting. Buy purchasing this T-shirt (click here), you can place a subtle hint on your chest and hope that on the next leg day, your gym buddy shows up. Or you could give him the T – but why do that? You get a new, soft, perfectly fitting t-shirt, and he figures out he needs some muscles on his legs.


Perhaps the holiday season – all of that special family time – made you finally accept the anger issue that has been bubbling under the surface for so many years. But do you really think that your gift card will cover enough therapy for all of the hours on the couch you need? If not, our duck shirt will assist with those precious moments when you just want to punch someone in the face (We don’t want you to punch anyone, so you might want to consider a rush delivery. In case the Duck Off T isn’t exactly your style, we also have a grumpy squid for you to consider. Nothing says “I’m not in the mood for you” like a squid with a meanie-pie look on his face).


The political climate is heating up and we are sure you are keeping track of the candidates. 2016 will be a huge year as a new U.S. President will move into the White House. To commemorate the latest presidential race, Look Cuter has decided to open the polls with our furry and nautical friends. Our seal wants your seal of approval, our squirrel is apologizing for embezzling acorns – he is asking you all not to judge him. The skunk who exposed the Acorngate scandal is sticking by her story – it wasn’t her. If you would like to make a campaign contribution to any of our candidates, just click here and select the Look Cuter character you believe is the best choice for president of Look Cuter, Inc. To thank you for your support, we will send you a T-shirt of the presidential nominee you selected. Make sure you let us know what size!


If you’re the kind of person that prefers to do things some other time, maybe you are thinking about spending your gift card another day. Do yourself a favor, click here now (or later ~ your call), and purchase this super comfy, very trendy sloth T that will let everyone know you will get to it mañana. Maybe…


Struggling with self-esteem? Not at all? Great! Spread the self-love with one of these three shirts: I’m Fabulous! I’m Fluffing Awesome! And I’m Otterly Adorable.


Feeling generous with your gifted funds? Maybe it’s time to give back to your community. Or to the Earth. Or to the seals up North near Santa that frolic and play and sun themselves on disappearing ice blocks. You chose seals? Great! One way you can help them is to order one of our seal shirts because proceeds from each shirt go to the Humane Society’s seal efforts. Win for the seals – win for you! 


The holidays are all about being with the ones you love. At Look Cuter, we believe that you should carry that feeling into the New Year. In order to do that, perhaps you would like to order the Koalaty Time - T from our website. What better way to remember sharing the giving season with the ones you hold dear?


Gifted money is fun money. You are supposed to do something wild and crazy with it!!!! Have you ever considered wearing a t-shirt with a narwhal boldly printed across the chest? If not – THIS IS THE DAY! Carpe diem, my friend. Today is your day. Click here to tell the world that you are basically a UNICORN!


We worked long, hard hours to comprise this list. Of all of the thousands of options we uncovered for you, we have decided that the number one website for you to shop with your holiday gift card is: ~~~~ DRUM ROLL ~~~~ LOOKCUTER.COM!!!!! Can you believe it?


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